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Our Governors
The chief role of the governing body is to support the head teacher and the whole school staff in determining the strategic direction of the school. As a group of volunteers committed to the success of the school, the governors share the hopes and aspirations of the head teacher and the staff. St Mary’s has eleven governors, representing parents, staff, the local authority, the local community and the Church of England.
It is also the responsibility of the governors to approve the school budget and ensure financial health, probity and value for money.

The most important responsibility is in regard to the educational performance of the school. By holding leaders to account they ensure that every child receives the best possible education, taking into consideration their widely differing abilities.


Governors have no individual authority to act on behalf of the governing body, except in exceptional cases where a quick response is needed, when the chair of governors may act on behalf of the whole governing body. The governors have collective responsibility for supporting and listening to the staff, and the appointment of the headteacher and assistant headteachers.



Chair of Governors Mrs J Kapur

Vice Chair Revd R Lumley


Our Governing Body consists of 11 members consisting of :-

3 Parent Governors

1 Staff Governor

1 Headteacher

3 Foundation Governors

2 Co-opted Governors

Plus 1 Associate Governor


As well as the full Governing Body there are 4 other committees these are :-

Foundation Committee


Progress and Achievements Committee

  • To review and develop the School Improvement Plan for approval by the Governing Body.
  • To monitor and evaluate progress towards meeting school improvement targets including targets relating to children with identified special needs and those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding.
  • To provide support, guidance and challenge for the Headteacher and senior leaders in all matters relating to Progress, Standards and Achievement, including progress towards meeting areas for the improvement raised by Ofsted.
  • To consider and agree strategies to raise standards and achievement across the school.
  • To report back to Full Governing Body meetings by submission of minutes and discussion of these.
  • To agree staffing requirements and submit proposals for financial approval to the Finance, Safety, Resources and Pay Committee.
  • To monitor behavioural issues, particularly in relation to personal development and learning attitudes.



Finance, Safety, Resources and Pay Committee

This committee meets at least once per term and submits minutes to the full governing body

Responsible for overseeing financial performance

Responsible for overseeing staffing matters

To provide support, guidance and challenge for the Headteacher in all matters relating to the school

premises and grounds, security and health and safety


Performance Review Committee

Responsible for the Headteacher's performance management.


Foundation Committee

  • To ensure the Christian foundation of the school is upheld throughout.
  • To promote the school’s Christian ethos with a focus on Respect (including report of other faiths), Trust, Wisdom, Perseverance, Hope and Friendship, determined by the school community.
  • To ensure that the distinctive Christian character of St. Mary’s as a Church of England School is secured, preserved and developed and the school is run in accordance with the trust deed.
  • To ensure the Christian way of life is woven into all aspects of school life and learning.
  • Have an active Christian presence within the school, to cement a relationship between the school, the church and the wider community.
  • To evaluate, promote and encourage high quality Christian worship which enhances the spiritual wellbeing of the whole school community (children, staff, governors and parents).
  • To ensure Religious Education is treated as a core subject and maintains a high profile.
  • To evaluate standards and progress in Religious Education.


Appeals and Complaints Committees are drawn up when required