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School Uniform

The school uniform at St Mary’s is set by the school governors and is traditional but very practical. We are really proud of the way the children look in their school uniform at St Mary’s and it is something which visitors often comment on, saying how smart the children appear. The wearing of school uniform is strongly supported by the governors of the school and the School Council. It helps to foster a sense of pride and belonging in the children. All the children are expected to arrive at school in their school uniform.

Grey trousers or shorts, long or short sleeved white school shirt , house tie, blue school sweatshirt and suitable dark coloured school shoes/sandals (not opened-toed sandals for safety, please).
Trainers are not allowed to be worn during the day apart from during PE lessons.
Summer: In warm weather boys are permitted to remove their ties and undo the top button of their shirt at the Head teacher’s discretion.

Tartan kilt: this must be a kilt not a tartan skirt. Kilts are available to buy online and are priced very reasonably. They can be machine washed and hung to dry. Your child may wear a kilt of another tartan as long as the skirt is kilt-style.
Long or short sleeved white blouse, house tie, blue school cardigan.
Summer: Gingham dresses – House colour or own choice
Suitable dark coloured school shoes/sandals (not opened-toed sandals for safety, please) Trainers are not allowed to be worn during the day apart from during PE lessons.

The colour of your child’s tie denotes which house they are in as follows:
Tudor yellow
Stuart blue
Windsor red
York green

Kilts (in a range of plaids), school sweatshirts and cardigans, book and PE bags, school P.E. 'T' shirts and waterproof jackets are all available to buy online.

PE – all children
Dark navy/black shorts, school T-shirt or plain white T-shirt, plimsolls
Winter - Track suit/joggers and trainers.

Please make sure that all clothing is clearly labelled with your child’s name – the school has no lost property facility since we expect to be able to hand back named, found items straight away. However, if you discover your child has lost an article of clothing, please contact Reception.

Children must not wear any jewellery at school for safety reasons. Children arriving at school with jewellery other than stud earrings, watches and identification bracelets for diabetes/acute allergies etc will be asked to remove it and keep it somewhere to take home. The school will not accept any responsibility for jewellery brought to school. Earrings and watches must be removed for PE. In the case of earrings, if this is not possible parents should send surgical tape (e.g Micropore Tape) to school to cover the studs.