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Science Club
Science Can Inspire Pupils

St. Mary's Science Club has expanded their interest and knowledge to include other STEM—Science Technology Engineering and Maths activites.
Using different research methods, we are now looking at designing and making, a means of transporting soft fruit from a high level to a lower level base camp using a pully/cable car method.
As part of the challenge, pupils had to be able to work as a team, using good listening and debating skills.They were able to challenge each other with critical thinking and sharing ideas.
Two teams produced different ideas...they will now put all these into practice as they use a variety of resources to build and operate their chosen transport system! Keep watching for the results!



Science Club STEM Challenge to make a pulley system to transport a tomato from mountain to market

Uploaded by St Mary's Primary School on 2018-12-05.

Science Stem Challenge

Uploaded by St Mary's Primary School on 2018-12-05.