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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Mrs L Wallis, Headteacher
Leadership Team 2 Mrs J Robinson, Assistant Headteacher SENCo
Leadership Team 3 Miss E Hart, Assistant Headteacher
Leadership Team 4 Miss L Widdowson, Assistant Headteacher


Teachers 1 Mrs L Johnson
Teachers 2 Mrs N Gunby
Teachers 3 Miss A Neesom
Teachers 4 Miss C Newton
Teachers 5 Miss E Hart
Teachers 6 Miss E Townend
Teachers 7 Miss J Hodgson
Teachers 8 Miss L Widdowson
Teachers 9 Mr O Evans
Teachers 10 Mrs E McIntosh
Teachers 11 Mrs J Robinson
Teachers 12 Mrs K Little
Teachers 13 Mrs L Carrick
Teachers 14 Mrs S Nixon
Teachers 15 Mrs J Coombs
Teachers 16 Miss C Hughes
Teachers 17 Mrs K Richardson
Teachers 18 Mrs K Tuohy
Teachers 19 Mrs J Thornborough

Pastoral Manager

Pastoral Manager 1 Mrs A Honeysett, Pastoral Care

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant 1 Mrs J Griffin - HLTA
Teaching Assistant 2 Miss L Marshall
Teaching Assistant 3 Mrs S Postill
Teaching Assistant 4 Mrs F Stephenson
Teaching Assistant 5 Mrs E Rotherham
Teaching Assistant 6 Mrs E Green
Teaching Assistant 7 T Goldberg - HLTA
Teaching Assistant 8 Mrs A Payne
Teaching Assistant 9 Mrs C Lovejoy
Teaching Assistant 10 Mrs D Frost HLTA
Teaching Assistant 11 Mrs H Hardey
Teaching Assistant 12 Mrs L Clappison
Teaching Assistant 13 Mrs L Pearson
Teaching Assistant 14 Mrs M Cook
Teaching Assistant 15 Mrs P Pegg
Teaching Assistant 16 Mrs R Bant
Teaching Assistant 17 Mrs S Briggs
Teaching Assistant 18 Mrs S De Kock
Teaching Assistant 19 Mrs S Saxby
Teaching Assistant 20 Mrs S Tomkinson
Teaching Assistant 21 Mrs V Snelgrove
Teaching Assistant 22 Mrs W Copley
Teaching Assistant 23 Mrs C Jorna
Teaching Assistant 24 Mrs C Leah
Teaching Assistant 25 Mrs D Pearson
Teaching Assistant 26 Mrs K Capes HLTA
Teaching Assistant 27 Mrs R Sparks
Teaching Assistant 28 Mrs S Underwood

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mr A Kemp - Business Manager
Office Staff 2 Mrs N Rawlings -Senior Administration Officer
Office Staff 3 Mrs C Sayer - Clerical Assistant
Office Staff 4 Mrs F Wallace - Clerical Assistant
Office Staff 5 Mrs A Stannard - Clerical Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisors 1 Mrs J Todd- Senior Midday Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 2 Mrs S Brindley
Midday Supervisors 3 Mrs A Allison
Midday Supervisors 4 Miss A Baker
Midday Supervisors 5 Miss C Barron
Midday Supervisors 6 Miss A Fox
Midday Supervisors 7 Ms A Stevens
Midday Supervisors 8 Mrs H Williams
Midday Supervisors 9 Mrs K Harrison
Midday Supervisors 10 Mrs P Lockyer
Midday Supervisors 11 Mrs T Morton
Midday Supervisors 12 Mrs Y Docherty
Midday Supervisors 13 Mrs S De Kock
Midday Supervisors 14 Mrs F Wallace
Midday Supervisors 15 Miss A Diffin
Midday Supervisors 16 Mrs L De Kock

Premises Staff

Premises Staff 1 Mr N Sewell - Caretaker
Premises Staff 2 Mrs W Shepherd Gardener

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff 1 Mrs K Arnott
Kitchen Staff 2 Mrs P Brumpton
Kitchen Staff 3 Mrs F Scrull
Kitchen Staff 4 Mrs K Rowland
Kitchen Staff 5 Mrs C Frankland
Kitchen Staff 6 Miss R Leonard