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Climate Change

Climate Change


We were lucky to have an ex pupil, Peter Stevens, who is keen to protect more of the green spaces around Beverley, visit school this week and speak to pupils about climate change. Peter spoke to members of the Road Safety Team, Gardening Club and Science Club and helped the teams plant a new tree in the Countryside Area. Pupils have recently been learning about Climate Change and showed great knowledge of trees and how they are the lungs of the earth. Therefore the pupils were greatly interested to find out about the Northern forest project, a project that will include 50 Million trees being planted between Hull and Liverpool. The pupils also put forward the suggestion of having more fruit trees planted around Beverley. The pupils asked Peter a number of questions including "What can young people do to help climate change?" and "what is the main cause of climate change?". The Pupils also quizzed him on the speed of wind turbines - although I think the children caught him out on this one!


Peter Stevens commented;

"It's fantastic to see the pupils from St Mary's Primary School not only taking an interest, but also   taking an active role in trying to reduce the impact of climate change. It was great to see the school growing their own fruit and vegetables; what a great skill to teach the young! It was also inspiring to hear of the experiments carried out by the Science club to filter dirty water and to look at alternative energy sources. The pupils were so passionate and knowledgeable about the environment, it would be great to get them involved in projects around Beverley."


Peter also added that it was encouraging to hear that the school promotes 'park and stride', an       initiative promoted by the staff of St Mary's Primary School that further helps combat climate change.


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