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Our School Vision

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Letters for Creation

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Hello From Year 1

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Here is one of our Y6 courageous advocates sharing how she and her family are working to make changes to reduce their carbon footprint.

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The Lord's Prayer

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Ecobricks which have made into a wall in the children’s garden. It seems like a long time since this project started back in the spring of 2020, but it has been worth the effort and is helping us in our steps towards being a plastic reducing school. This is also one of our STEM projects for sustainable resources, especially those tricky single use plastics.


We still need another wall for the gardening club and we would welcome further donations of Ecobricks. These must  only be in 2 litre bottles and when filled must weigh 500 gram+. This due to ensuring the durability of the Ecobricks. More information about making Ecobricks is available at


Hope and Friendship

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Earlier in the term the children demonstrated their ability to empathise and reflect during our autumn term global citizenship Big Question Afternoon. To find out more about the afternoon see the document below.



We are delighted to have now entered into a partnership with St Luke’s School in Butere in Kenya. This link has been facilitated by Sue Holmes, a highly experienced teacher and RE consultant who has worked in the East Riding for many years. Sue met with me and Mrs Goldberg at the start of this year when we were in the early stages of forging this link and gave us some great advice about how to move forward with establishing a     partnership. We then worked closely with children from across the school to get things off the ground! I asked all of the children in our school to provide me with questions they would like to ask the children at St Luke’s and children in Years 5 and 6 also produced descriptions of our school and provided information about their likes and interests as well as writing about a typical ‘day in the life’ of a child at St Mary’s.

We were so pleased to receive some fantastic responses from the staff and children at St Luke’s just before the Easter break with lots of information about the school and about the children’s own interests and hobbies. On Monday morning during our whole school Collective Worship, I shared lots of this information with the children and it was great to see how interested and engaged our children were when finding out what it is like to be a child in Kenya. What the children noticed was that whilst there are many differences between being a child in Kenya and being a child in the UK, there are also many similarities.



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