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History of our School

We are starting to put together photographs and information relating to the history of our school.  

We have some information and old pictures that we will put on this page in due course.  However,  if anyone has any photographs or information relating to our history please get in touch, we would love to here from you.


A Brief History of the School


The school was formed in 1970 by the amalgamation of St. Mary's boys' and girls' junior schools. Mixed classes were at first housed in the existing buildings. In 1972 all the pupils at Longcroft Hall and some of those at Norwood were transferred to the first instalment of a new school in Eden Road. The 400-place school was completed in 1975, when the classes remaining at Norwood were moved into the new school.  There were 252 on the roll in 1986.  The former buildings at Longcroft Hall were later used successively for Longcroft school and Beverley College of Further Education and the old girls' school was taken over by the high school.

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