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Music Lessons


Extra Music Tuition


Music Lessons will recommence in school week commencing 13th September 2021.

Lessons are as follows:

Drums (Yellow Room Y3): Tuesdays 12:40pm to 2:20pm

Brass (Yellow Room Y3): Wednesdays 11:10am to 11:55am

Guitar (Resource Room Y3): Thursdays 9:15am to 12:15pm and 12:35pm to 1:20pm

Woodwind (Resource Room Y3): Fridays 12:30pm to 3:30pm


If your child would like to take their music beyond what happens in the classroom, they can begin learning to play an instrument at St Mary’s with one of the peripatetic teachers from the East Riding Schools Music Service. This is available to children from Year 3 to Year 6.


At present we are able to offer lessons for the following instruments (subject to minimum numbers):


Drums, Guitar, Brass, Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone.


Success with any instrument relies on hard work. It takes many hours of work to learn the language of music and the physical and technical skills, but these hours are made up of minutes, and twenty minutes each day will begin to produce quite a skilled musician who can really enjoy playing a tune!


The expectations and commitment of the children are to:


  • Practice daily between lessons
  • Keep a weekly record in their music diary of the pieces that require practice at home.
  • Share their music diary with their family
  • Check the times of their lessons each week
  • Look after their instrument
  • Take pride in their talent
  • Have a go and enjoy themselves


Also, a part of learning to play an instrument is sharing their talent with others. As children progress with their instrument they will also participate in the school orchestra.




The East Riding Schools Music Service do make a charge for instrumental lessons and the cost implications of learning to play an instrument need to be considered. The fees for lessons at St Mary’s in 2019-2020 will be £47.50 per term for cello, woodwind and brass and £52.50 per term for drums. The school doesn’t make any money from these lessons, the fee covers the charge from the School Music Service. Payment requests will be posted on the School Gateway and all fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the lessons each term.


The purchase or hire of an instrument is also necessary. This could be from a reputable music retailer or through the Music Service which offers a purchase scheme at a competitive educational price which is not subject to VAT. However, should you not wish to purchase an instrument initially, the Music Service offers an instrument hire service and has a limited number of instruments available on loan. There is an initial free period of one term, after which the charge will be £20 per term.


Please note: If a pupil wishes to cancel their lessons their parent/carer must write to Mr Kemp at the school office giving eight weeks notice.


If your child is eligible for pupil premium funding, due to being registered for free school meals, the school’s governors have decided to subsidise music lessons. The school will contribute £100 towards the cost of the lessons each academic year.


What you should expect from lessons


All pupils will receive a minimum of 30 music lessons each year. 


A written account in a dedicated music diary will be sent home weekly to ensure that good communication is maintained.


Lessons will be taught in small groups during the school day.


What happens next?


If you would like your child to undertake musical lessons at St Mary’s, a letter is sent out at the start of each academic year inviting year groups that are eligible.  For anyone wishing to start their child part way through the year please contact the school office.  If places are available the child may be able to start immediately or added to the waiting list until a place becomes available.


MusicCase is a free app that can be used to support students learning a musical instrument to practice with ideas and games.  You can download it at both Google Play and the Apple Store.

Please click below for a link to their website.