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Three New Benches for School

At our wood, one of the big larch trees had a large split which started in the roots and went nearly 2 metres up the trunk. When the wind blows, the ground on one side lifted and you could see through the tree, so it was dangerous and had to be cut down.  To turn the logs into planks we use a special chainsaw attachment. This is me holding it.


It’s hard dust work, so I let my Dad turn the logs into planks for the benches

Each bench is made from 2 stumps and 1 plank. My dad and I drilled each plank to take bolts before bringing them to school.

With my mum and dad we put 1 bench in the foundation area.

We put 2 other benches in the countryside area. It was hard work


A huge thank you to a child in Year 4 and his family for all of their hard work and generosity in creating three new benches for the school outdoor areas.