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Time Capsule

Linked to our 2019 Science week of Journeys we embarked on the task of filling a time capsule that would be buried for 25 years. Each year group contributed to putting something into the capsule.

The capsule has been buried in our grounds and a number of staff who have served the school for many years supported in burying the capsule. The school council and Eco beavers were present supporting this momentous event. The event was filmed and after the event the whole school gathered to watch the capsule go into the ground and learn more about what it contained.

EYFS drew pictures of their families, their interests and their hopes of future professions.

Year 1 thought about changes to the world around us in 25years time and a number of children were filmed discussing their ideas. A lovely response from one year 1 child was, “I think that schools will be built upon rainbows” and “houses will be up amongst the tree tops!”

Year 2 wrote questions to their future selves and we are hopeful that some of the children might be    present when it is open in the year 2044.

Year 3 produced designs of typical 2019 packed lunches and we popped in some packaging including a crisp packet, plastic drinks bottle and chocolate bar wrapper. We all wonder if this packaging will remain or alter in the next 25 years.

Year 4 wrote about their future hopes for themselves and for the world. Chloe wrote about this so    beautifully that we read her hopes and wishes out loud after we buried the capsule. She said, “For the world’s future I hope everything can be recycled and there is no waste in the sea to kill and hurt animals or on the ground so that the world stays fresh and clean. I also hope that there are no more poor people to starve or not to have a warm safe home. I hope that no one has floods or storms in their villages.”

Year 5 had great fun taking photos of one another engaging in the latest crazes such as flossing, reading and playing with slime!

Year 6 looked back over their primary years and wrote memories about their favourite times. Xander shared some of his memories with the school at our time capsule event.

A number of articles such as the proposed building of St Mary’s and the first staff photo went into the capsule along with some current coins.

This event sparked so many questions and curiosity in both the children and staff alike. What a journey. Maybe you might be around in 2044 when it’s dug up…


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