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Trip to London

Junior Travel Ambassadors visit to London
This week representatives from our road safety team had an invitation to visit the Houses of Parliament for the Modeshifts National Schools Awards. Through lots of commitment and hard word we were lucky enough to have already won the “School of the Region” Award. We received certificates for attending the awards, but didn't come away with a trophy. Miss Widdowson, Mrs Copley, Cathie Friar and two Year six pupils had a fantastic day. Far too many things to list... here are just a few snippets!
After a tour of Westminster Palace, the team was treated to a special private tour for VIPs
First stop was St Mary's Chapel in the Undercroft, which is 900 hundred years old and is ministered by Her Majesty's Chaplain. We were told lots of historic details about this sacred place, but the most unusual was a story about a certain suffragette hiding in the secret cupboard, which we were allowed entry to.
An Officer of the Doors allowed us to hold one of the Crown Jewels. This is a hefty piece of gold ceremonial wear, worth a staggering £70,000.
The team learnt so much about this historic building, the people that once lived and worked there over the centuries and how most of it was destroyed in a fire. Our guide told us stories of how some visitors met a not so pleasant end in the very place we were standing! It was strange to think that this famous building we see so much on television, is a very busy, bustling workplace for hundreds of people. It has its own nurse station, post office, police, cafes, bars, restaurants and...hairdressers! An area is also “plugged in” ready for a live BBC broadcast at any time.
Watching debates live in the House of Commons was amazing. We learnt that MPs have advisors sitting down one side of the hall, whom they text questions to and expect a quick reply...again by text!
Statues dating back 900 years stood next to a beautiful stained glass window that was installed 12 months ago to celebrate “The New Dawn” in Parliament with votes for women.
After a visit to The Terrace where MPs were taking lunch... and a quick photo was time to leave with just enough time to say “hello” to MP David Blunket and his dog. We headed back to the station on the underground in rush hour. What a fantastic day for us all...and what wonderful memories!
In their presentation, the JTAs spoke about being proud to be a part of our school and the road safety team at St. Mary's.
They made us very proud on this special day and were a credit to the school!
Jemima said " It was the best day of my exciting ."
" Going on the Terrace was amazing with a view of the London Eye and the River Thames".
" I loved everything about the trip!"
“We discovered that Margaret Thatcher had been laid in St Mary's Chapel over night when she died."
Poppy said "How wonderful to have a private tour of Westminster Palace by Graham Stuart's secretary."
"St. Mary's Chapel in the Undercroft was amazing. The font was like a giant Faberge egg covered in gold."
"I was excited to see a live debate in the House of Commons...just like on the TV."
"I liked going in the secret cupboard where the suffragette hid over night"