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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Autumn Term


This term our theme is 'Ancient Greece'. We learn about the country of Greece and how it has changed over time. As well as learning about the Olympics and democracy, we also explore Greek mythology! 

Nature Day

RE - Local Pilgrimage

Space inspired art

Researching Greek Gods

Trojan War freeze frames

Creating Ancient Greek designs using monoprinting

During Year 5 the children are taught very basic computer programming, they mostly use Scratch but are also introduced to Raspberry Pi computers.
We use the Raspberry Pi's to make and control circuits to make lights, buzzers and switches work.  We also use them for more complex computer programming using Python.
Most children love computing and are always asking how they can use the programs at home.  Below are links to some of the software we use in school.  Scratch is a great place to start as it is free to use and once downloaded to your computer is not internet based.
Please find below links to some of the programs we are using