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Year 6 Making a Difference

Year 6 Making a Difference


Following on from their successful ‘Clean Water For All’ water bottle campaign, Year 6 have become passionate about acting on the issue of climate change.  On Friday 15th March, Sarah Robinson (and her team) from ‘Hope for the Future’ came into school to work with the children.  We are the first primary school this organisation has worked with but they were confident that the Year 6 children would be receptive and engage responsibly in their workshops, which they did.  As a result of the good example our pupils set, they have contacted other primary schools to work with.  ‘Hope for the Future supports anyone and everyone who is concerned about climate change to raise their local MP’s awareness of the issue.’  Year 6 had already learnt about Global Warming (as part of our ‘Climate Change Week’) and their understanding was developed in the workshop by focusing on the effects on oceans, people, animals and plants.  They learnt about what an MP is and prepared letters and posters to present to Graham Stuart.  To learn more about Hope for the Future, see


Last Wednesday (24th April), Mrs Richardson’s Year 12 A-Level Politics students from Beverley High and Grammar School Joint Sixth Form spent the afternoon with our Year 6 pupils.  They had planned activities to help the children learn more about the roles of MPs and how political decisions are made.


On Friday, Graham Stuart came into school so that Year 6 (supported by Sarah from Hope for the Future) could share their presentations about Climate Change with him.  They also had the opportunity to ask him questions about this issue and about his role as an MP.  In the official news release, Graham Stuart commented: ‘…their presentations really were impressive.  Not only was I struck by how informed they were about the impact of human activity on the environment, it was also inspiring to see local children so determined to better the world for all living things.’  We were so proud of how the children conducted themselves throughout his visit.  We are also grateful to Mrs Richardson for helping us to arrange such valuable opportunities for Year 6.

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